Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are written to minimize the possibility of any misunderstanding. If you have any questions regarding these rules, contact HOC Rem Öresund before registering to the event.


  • Rotaract European Meeting REM Öresund 2019 is a project run by Rotary District 2390. Address: Mellanvångsvägen 43, Zip code: 223 55, City: Lund, State: not applicable or if you have to put Skåne.
  • Host Organising Committee, HOC Rem Öresund, is the project and management group organising the event. It is a team consisting of dedicated Rotaractors from both Sweden and Denmark.
  • We reserve the right to change the program of the conference without any prior notice. You do not have any claims against us in respect of such changes, and changes do not entitle you to cancel your registration.
  • Participants need to be 18 years old or older when the event starts.
  • If you state special requirements in your registration, HOC REM Öresund will try to meet them if possible and reasonable but HOC REM Öresund can’t guarantee that all special arrangements will be met.
  • The participant takes full responsibility on carrying ID and/or passport when traveling over Öresund and entering nightclubs during the evening events according to Swedish law. HOC REM Öresund does not take responsibility on this part whatsoever.



By submitting your registration to this event you agree on:

  • Your name, country, district and club can be published on our website as part of the list of participants.
  • During REM; the main event, the pre- and post-trips, photos taken of you can be posted via any channel, online and offline such as, but not limited to our social media feeds (Facebook and Instagram), REM Öresund website and the Rotaract Europe
  • Your personal information provided during registration will be stored in our database, with the exception of any payment details (no information regarding your card details will be recorded). Personal contact information ( e-mail, phone, emergency contact details) will be used to keep you informed about the event or its activities. By making any purchases, you agree to be e-mailed by HOC REM Öresund to keep you up to date on the event.


Account Creation

  • When register to the event, you as a participant should fill out all required fields of the registration form correctly. HOC REM Öresund will not take any responsibility for confusions and inconveniences caused by mistakes made by a participant in the registration form.
  • Your account allows you to wish for a preferred roommate. However, you are aware of there being both double and triple rooms available and you could share your room with other participants.
  • You are able to provide arrival and departure flight information.
  • You may only be able to purchase one package per ID number. You will be able to update your profile for some time after registration.
  • You have three bank days after registration to pay for the package through a bank transfer to HOC REM Öresund Rotary District 2390.
  • To participate during the event, you need to have a registered and paid package in your name.


Financial – Registrations

  • Members of the Rotary family and guests attending Rotaract or Rotary clubs on a regular basis are welcome to register and participate.
  • There is a limited amount of packages and HOC REM Öresund cannot guarantee a package to everyone. There is therefor a first-one-comes-first policy.
  • The registrations will be opened as follows:
    • 2018-10-09 19:00 UTC+1 Early bird
    • 2017-10-10 19:00 UTC+1 First wave
  • Event registration will be confirmed only after full reception of payment.
  • Payments are done through bank transfer. If there are any difficulties with payment over bank transfer please contact HOC REM Öresund.
  • Payment by bank transfer takes about three (3) days to process. Your bank might add additional transfer / exchange costs. HOC REM Öresund does not cover these costs. All fees associated with bank transfers are on your personal account.
  • The registration will not be fulfilled and completed until HOC REM Öresund receives the full amount of payment for your chosen package. If the full payment is not completed before the timeframe of payment (3 bank days), the package will be put back on the market again. If the price has changed during the delay, the new price will be applied.
  • When transferring the payment the participant need to put in full name of participant and the name of the Rotaract or Rotary club the participant is connected to.
  • Upon registration anR.I.C. fee of €5.00 will be charged. This fee will be transferred directly to E.R.I.C. according to E.R.I.C. bylaws. The E.R.I.C. fee is non-refundable. his amount is automatically added when purchasing the package. The E.R.I.C. fee applies to all participants with a three- or five-day package, with or without accommodation.
  • All packages and costs are expressed in Euro (€), and payment will be made in Euro (€) via our registration platform.
  • If your card is not in Euro (€), your bank will automatically convert your currency to EUR at your bank’s exchange rate for the day that payment is made.
  • Sweden and Denmark are mostly cash free countries. Bring your credit or debit card to all events.
  • Participants are solely responsible for all costs (not included in the package) incurred during their stay at the hotel / hostel such as paid TV, mini-bar, room service, food and drinks at hotel restaurants and bars charged on the room.
  • Day activities are optional and are to be registered to separately. HOC REM Öresund cannot guarantee a package to everyone.
  • The Welcome dinner is limited to 300 guests, therefore the participant needs to register for the Welcome dinner through a separate registration form. The registration will be done minimum one week before and is binding of 10 days before the event. The participant will provide food restrictions with the registration. If a participant register but performs a no-show or shows up late to the dinner, HOC REM Öresund will claim a fee equal to the cost and value of the dinner according to Malmö City Hall’s policy. Expected value of dinner and fee if not showing up after registration: 50-80€



  • All personal information of a substituting participant should be sent to the HOC REM Öresund two weeks prior to the start of the event REM Öresund.
    Please note that an administration fee of € 25 will be charged to any change of package owner.



  • Every participant must check-in at a REM Öresund desk upon arrival at Scandic Triangeln. Only checked-in participants have the right to participate during the event.
  • There will be an info and registration point in the lobby of Scandic Triangeln. All the information regarding on-site registration and check-in will be e-mailed to you prior to arrival. Please note that if you choose the package without accommodation you still have to check-in with us, prior to the activities you will attend.
  • During check-in, you will be provided with a welcome package / goodie bag.



  • We expect all participants to behave properly during the event. This includes of course the evening activities, day activities, gala and E.R.I.C. meeting, but also your stay at the hotel / hostel.
  • HOC REM Öresund and E.R.I.C. will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any damage or injury to persons or property during the convention. The participants are recommended to arrange their own personal travel and health insurance.
  • HOC REM Öresund and E.R.I.C. does not have any liability for any loss and / or damage that may occur to any of your personal property. HOC REM Öresund and E.R.I.C. will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss suffered by you; or any loss of profits or loss of business (direct or indirect) suffered by you.
  • HOC REM Öresund and E.R.I.C. will not be liable for any default or delay in the performance of its obligations, to the extent that such default or delay is caused, directly or indirectly, by an event beyond the reasonable control.
  • By completing the registration process and making payment you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


You will be assigned a hotel room prior to your arrival. By booking a package you accept that you will be made completely liable for any damage that happens to your room throughout the duration of your stay.

If you exchange rooms internally with other Rotaractors without notifying the hotel administration, liability for damages will remain liable for any damages suffered to your original room. In case of any damage, you are personally liable for any possible charges with the hotel administration directly.

Rights in materials

All copyright and other rights in materials provided to you during or for the purposes of REM Öresund are the property of the HOC REM Öresund.

You are entitled to use such materials only for your own personal study. You are not entitled to copy such materials nor are you entitled to use or authorize others to use them for any commercial purposes.